Property Law

Professional, Effective Legal Representation For Your Property Needs

Experienced and skilled legal counsel can be an essential part of protecting your investment in land or real estate in Texas.

I am Dora L. Bonner, an experienced property law attorney practicing in Brazoria County. I have practiced law for more than 20 years, and I have earned my reputation for getting positive results for clients.

If you are selling, purchasing, financing or transferring property, I will help ensure that the documentation is properly prepared and filed and that the transaction is completed in accordance with state law. This will help you prevent property disputes from arising later. If a property dispute has already arrived, as a seasoned trial attorney, I will help you fight for your rights and protect your interests.

Strategic, Tailored Property Law Counsel

As an experienced Brazoria County property law attorney, I provide strategic legal counsel in a variety of property transactions and disputes, including:

  • Gift deeds and various deed transfers
  • Deed preparation
  • Property transfers
  • Real estate contracts
  • Property sales
  • Boundary disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Title disputes

Property disputes and transactions often involve high stakes due to the financial and sentimental investments involved. It is critical for those who are involved in a property transaction or dispute to protect their rights by ensuring they obtain sufficient legal counsel from a skilled lawyer.

I have extensive experience in all matters of property law, and I will work to help you reach a cost-effective and successful solution in your case.