Probate And Estate Planning Services Tailored For You

Everybody should have their own tailored estate plan, no matter where you are in life. Whether you're married, single, preparing for retirement or just starting a family – a proper estate plan secures your assets and protects your family after your death.

I am Dora L. Bonner Attorney at Law, and I have been providing compassionate legal service to Brazoria County residents for over 20 years. I offer estate administration services, as well as legal representation in the probate process following the death of a loved one. In each case, your needs are always changing, and you need personalized counsel to best meet your needs.

To create an effective estate plan, I work with clients to help them make informed decisions about the future of their loved ones, health care and assets. Through wills, trust administration, powers of attorney, guardianships and medical directives, we can draft an estate plan that best matches what you need at this stage in your life.

An Experienced Probate Counselor And Litigator

Following the death of a loved one, probate is a court process that must take place to transfer the decedent's assets to those listed in the will or the heirs as determined by law.

If there is a well-drafted will, the probate process can take less than 90 days to complete. But if there is no will, or other parties object to a will's contents, probate can be costly and time-consuming. I have the resources necessary to complete the probate process as quickly and effectively as possible.

I provide legal representation in a number of probate cases, including:

  • Contesting a will
  • Undue influence or incapacity claims
  • Asset valuation disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims
  • Beneficiary disputes
  • Gift transfer disputes

When a dispute arises during probate, a reliable attorney can be invaluable to you. As a counselor, mediator and litigator, I am able to help you work toward a favorable outcome, while minimizing expenses that might be taken out of the estate.

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Everyone can benefit from estate planning, and a probate lawyer can help facilitate an otherwise complex and time-consuming process. Schedule a free consultation in Clute with an experienced Texas estate and probate attorney, call Dora L. Bonner Attorney at Law at 979-316-4049 or fill out a form online.