How Social Media Can Complicate Your Child Custody Case

Divorce and child custody cases can often be stressful for all parties involved. With the rise of social media comes a new outlet to vent your emotions – but what you post on social media can negatively impact your case.

When the court determines child custody cases, they keep in mind the best interests of the child. Some actions on social media can show the court you are not acting in the best interests of your child.

When on social media, be careful not to speak negatively about the other parent, their spouse, or other family members. This could reflect on you and your child, hurting your chances at custody. Posts that include drug use or alcohol use could also hurt your case, impacting your visitation rights.

Respecting The Best Interests Of Your Child

In addition to affecting your custody case, negative social media posts can also hurt your child. While there is often conflict between exes, it is best to not let that hurt your child's relationship with either parent.

After your case, you will probably have to work with the other parent to raise your child – regardless of who gains custody. Social media conflict can put additional strain on this relationship and could possibly expose your child to adversarial fighting.

When I work with families in custody cases, it is my goal to ensure nobody puts the child in the middle of conflict. I run my practice on Christian principles, and strive to maintain a healthy family dynamic for your child, both online and off. You can trust me to put your child's interests at the forefront of your case.

An Experienced Attorney And Knowledgeable Adviser

With over two decades of experience practicing law in Clute on behalf of Brazoria County families, I understand the challenges that face families in family law cases. While the stress and negative emotion can often leak onto social media, you can prevent these missteps with a reliable lawyer to guide you through the process.

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