A Trusted Adviser, Defender, Negotiator And Litigator

It can be intimidating to find yourself facing a legal problem — whether it is a criminal charge, a lawsuit, a child custody battle or any other matter. You deserve an attorney you can trust, who can walk you through your options and protect your rights.

I am Dora L. Bonner Attorney at Law, and for over 20 years I have helped those in Brazoria County overcome a variety of criminal, civil, and family law cases. I was born and raised here, and opened my law office in Clute because I am passionate about providing this community with honest and effective legal representation.

It is my goal to address not only your current concerns and challenges, but also to set you on the best path for your future. My practice focuses on a number of legal challenges you may encounter in your lifetime: divorce, child support and custody, criminal defense, estate planning and wills, and probate counseling and litigation.

In addition to these common cases, I represent clients in civil litigation and property law cases as well. I do what it takes to achieve positive resolutions and have a solid record of accomplishment that shows how committed I am to helping my clients obtain successful results.

Genuine Concern, Real Results

My law practice is firmly grounded in Christian values. I truly care about my clients and their well-being, and I take the time to understand their concerns and goals.

Having a compassionate, forthright, experienced trial lawyer to advocate for your interests can make the difference in your ability to achieve a positive result and move forward in your life. If you would like to learn about how I can help you, please contact my law office today.

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Everyone deserves compassionate representation in their legal matters. To schedule a confidential legal consultation, call 979-316-4049 or fill out a contact form. My office is open during regular business hours Monday through Friday. Evening, weekend and jail visits are available by request.